The role of the broker


Obtaining a mortgage to finance the flat or house of your dreams is a task that can be quite cumbersome. A mortgage broker is there to facilitate the discussion between the borrower and the lenders on the market. They are there to inform and assist you.

Often the first task is to estimate your borrowing capacity; this depends on many elements of your personal situation. In Luxembourg, the two most important are your income and your down payment.

You can carry out an initial simulation on our borrowing capacity calculator, or ask to be contacted directly by one of our brokers free of charge.


The bank must ensure the solvency of its customers, it is a lengthy administrative process and is often different between institutions if you want to compare offers. We manage this process for you.

Depending on their risk policy, business strategy and market conditions, banks' credit offers often vary greatly. credihome brokers have the necessary market knowledge to guide you towards the right mortgage for your project. Negotiating your financing is more complex than simply looking for a low interest rate.


The broker is used to negotiating with potential lenders to obtain the best terms. They know the key points to look out for and know how to best present your case on the basis of its strengths.

The activity of mortgage brokers in Luxembourg is governed by Article 226 of the Consumer Code. All mortgage intermediary activities are regulated by the CSSF. credihome has this approval since its launch in 2019.