Facilitate your property purchase

Applying for a mortgage is often a lengthy process. Our job as a broker is to facilitate this process.

You will have to prove the amount and provide transparency on your income, your down payment, your debts and justify the stability of your professional situation. If you are self-employed, you may be asked to submit your balance sheets and perhaps a CV.

If you have property investments and rent out property, the deeds of purchase, associated debts, and leases signed by your tenants will also be part of the elements you need to remember to provide.

If you want several banks to compete to get the best offer, you will be multiplying the steps, with specific procedures for each one.

A bank's decision-making process can be slow and requires you to press the people in charge of your application with multiple reminders.

Your credihome broker is your single point of contact that will accompany you and manage your application until the finalisation of your mortgage contract. This saves you time and simplifies your property purchase, while remaining entirely free of charge, as the service is paid for by the bank.